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In a single year, nearly three million Americans will have their identities stolen.


If you think you would never be a target for identity theft, you are mistaken. Victims span every age, race, location, and income level.  Fraud can happen from stolen personal information, the misuse of a credit card or a bank account.


The average person will lose $5,000 and countless hours trying to recover.


How can I prevent identity theft?


·      Change passwords frequently.  Avoid using passwords that are very similar, like “password1” and “password2.”


·      Utilize a credit monitoring service.  Many credit cards offer these services for free.


·      Review your credit card statements.  It’s easy to simply pay a bill, especially if it comes electronically, but keeping a close eye on your purchases will help you identify anything out of the ordinary.


·      Shred mail and sensitive documents.  Bank and credit card statements, voided checks, and anything with personal information should not just be thrown away.


If you suspect you’ve been a victim of identity theft, immediately report it to your bank, credit card companies, and the credit reporting agencies.  They will help you to freeze your accounts and limit the damage.


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