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Increasingly throughout the area and even the world, the state and federal regulations to protect employee’s, client’s and even your own business’ private information become more stringent with the liability falling to the business owner.  If you handle any information that involves the identity of individuals (name, address, social security numbers etc.)  then you will fall under the more stringent regulations set forth by the government to protect those individuals from the threat of identity theft.


If the above paragraph isn’t enough, then let’s discuss further why you, as a business owner, CEO, CFO, Business Manager, or any other title that is left with the responsibility of this decision, should use certified professional document destruction services.


Convenience and Security:

Through the convenience offered by using a professional document destruction service company, you receive secured destruction bins where documents can be placed on a daily basis or in bulk, depending on your business needs. This allows critical information, many times that is simply tossed in a general trash, to be kept secured until ready for destruction.  Then at the appropriately scheduled time, the destruction company comes to systematically collect and shred the documents, providing you with all the necessary documentation for you records.


Remaining Compliant with Governing Authorities:

As we already discussed earlier, the regulations for proper disposal of an individual’s personal information is becoming more strictly regulated. So much so, that in some instances a business could face stiff penalties and fines adding up to multiple thousands of dollars. When using a professional destruction company, they will provide you with a certificate of destruction to keep in your files. This certificate, along with a well written company destruction policy is certainly a great way to exhibit you are doing all you can to protect the privacy of your staff and clients.  Always check with local authorities to determine the regulations for your industry.


Going Green:

If the information provided so far hasn’t convinced you it’s the right thing to do, then maybe simply going green will. In a recycle friendly society, we are all doing our part to make a better place for our families for tomorrow, and recycling plays a large part in this process. Shredding of the documents that you process each day will not only keep your business secure, but will also provide for a brighter tomorrow for the environment. This adds up to a win, win.


Convenience, Security, Compliance and Saving the Environment, are all wonderful reasons to make a smart move to Document Destruction. Give us a call today for a Free Service Quote. We look forward to hearing from you.