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The safety and security of proper document destruction can be wholly disarmed if not adequately documented. Therefore the Chain of Custody (CoC) is a critical document that you should retain for each document destruction service date.

The Purpose
The CoC provides a chain of all touch points (showing who, where and when) of the secured documents from the time of pick up to the time of destruction. Ensuring that there is not a breach of the security and a traceable process if questions should arise in the future.

Why Is It Important
During the shredding process, the CoC provides coverage for your business by meeting legal standards, company policies and well as your peace of mind

HIPPA and other governing rules require that you have on file a Certificate of Destruction which shows the details of the chain of custody to be compliant.

If at any time you would encounter legal dispute this documentation would be a paper trail showing compliance for both you and your service provider.

From the time the document is placed in a secured bin to the time it is destroyed, and a final Certificate of Destruction is in your hand, you can rest assured with the proper measure’s compliance standards are met.

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