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It’s the question we seem to be asking everyone these days as we deal with the effects of security breach occurrences and identity theft. It’s unfortunate but it’s true that we must become more aware of how we handle information.

What should we protect?

In order to protect our business properly we must first understand what information needs to be kept confidential, both through company policy and legal requirement.

Through legal requirement: any information that can be used to disclose individuals identity or whereabouts (Employee or Client) banking information, healthcare information or any information that could potentially be used to pose as another individual or representative of any organization.

Such as any items containing the following:

  • Individuals Name

  • Adderss

  • Date Of Birth

  • Social Security Number

  • Credit Card Information

  • Company Tax ID Numbers

  • Health Insurance Card Information

  • Employer ID Cards

  • Driver’s License

  • Photo ID’s

  • Corporation Documents

Through company policy; all the above as well as:

  • Employee manuals

  • Company policy and procedure manuals

  • Company insurance coverage policies

  • Trade secrets

  • Any documentation that may contain information that is specific to how you conduct business or buy, sell, manufacture or trade of items.

While this is not a complete list, it certainly sheds light on areas that we should look and ensure that we are protecting our business, clients and employees to the best of our abilities. We recommend consulting your legal department with any questions regarding confidentiality requirements for your company and industry.

Once we understand the what information that needs to be protected, then we must move to educate our employees of how to properly handle information. Step one of this process is to develop a document destruction policy that will work for everyone. By engaging all key staff in the process, you can achieve cooperation and ease of implementation. Letting everyone know that for their safety, security and company well-being this is a necessity. We suggest a shred all policy in order to simplify the entire process.

Using Document Destruction, LLC for the destruction of sensitive documents will bring the 3rd part of the equation into place. We will provide destruction consoles where the documents can be easily accessed and secured until it’s time for destruction. Once we arrive to empty the containers, we destroy the documents onsite and then provide you with a certificate of destruction so you can rest assured that the information has been fully destroyed and you are compliant for both you and your clients regulatory needs.

Implementing these few policies are sure to keep you, your clients, employees and company protected. Give us a call and get protected today.