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Paper documents; the biggest threat to our organizational success in the office. Whether the office filing system or the individual desk top, the amount of paper that is used in the US each year is staggering. So getting, and keeping it under control is a necessity.

First things first: I know we seem to discuss this often, but it’s truly very important, not only for organization, but for the protection of your business. Do you have a written Document Organization and Destruction plan? Taking time to write a proper plan and then properly train the entire team on its role and importance, will instantly take organization to a new level. When writing your plan be sure to include critical information such as, what information should be destroyed in what time frame as well as how long will documents be kept in a paper or digital format.

Organizing the desk top is also a critical piece to document control. This is a simple fix with making sure that documents are placed in proper bins each day and then added to the proper filing system when complete. Be sure to not neglect placing all documents ready for disposal in to a secured shred bin. This will ensure keeping client and employee private information protected from the stalking identity thieves that are always lurking these days.

Properly storing documents is another area of document control. Each year as you cycle documents out of the filing system into storage area, be sure to properly label each box with a brief description of contents, year of the contents, date the contents are ready for destruction. This will make the destruction process easier in the years to come. It will be as simple as pulling the boxes labeled for destruction that year and giving us a call. Once destroyed you will have all the required documentation for your records, ensuring you are compliant.

Implementing just a few simple steps can bring organization and control of your documents in 2019. If you are in the Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati area and would like to discuss, document destruction services, give us a call today. We are here to help you in take control of your documents in 2019 and the years to come.