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We’ve conquered one month of the new 2019 year! January is gone, February is upon us… are you reflecting on your New Year’s Resolutions? Are you refocusing your energies into living your best life? One small step you can take to secure your future and to tighten your business and personal security is to commit to shredding all of your documents!

Maybe you already shred? Maybe your business has a loose ‘you can shred if you want’ standard? It’s time to broaden your shredding policy! Adopting a ‘Shred-All’ policy is best practice and ensures that all aspects of your future security are tightly monitored and managed. You should be shredding ATM receipts, bank statements, cancelled checks, credit card receipts, paycheck stubs, outdated insurance policies, expired warranties – all of these documents contain private information that if left intact, could compromise your future security.

If you, as a business owner or homeowner, are ready to commit to a ‘Shred-All’ policy, you are taking the first step in creating a safer future for your employees, family members, and yourself. Once committed, it’s time to dive into the details! Does your business office have enough secure bins or receptacles for employees to easily shred documents? Do your employees and family members understand your shredding policy, and more importantly, the reasoning behind implementing such a policy? If everyone is onboard with a ‘Shred-All’ policy, nothing can slip through the cracks and cause a hiccup in the future safety of your business.

A tricky aspect to implementing new policies and procedures is follow through. We’ve all been a part of business practices that has fallen by the side to make room for new or more important tasks or procedures. Outsourcing your shredding needs to a reliable third-party business is an excellent business practice and ensures that your shredding policies and procedures are consistently followed. Using a professional shredding company sets a tone of care and concern for your employees, customers, and family members. Your productivity and efficiency are likely to increase as energies and precious work hours can be focused on improving your business, instead of worrying about developing systems to maintain consistent document destruction. Why not let a professional step-in and not only provide the shredding services, but provide the locked document storage containers needed to ensure true data safety?

Is it worth risking unfortunate accidents or missteps that could lead to security breaches or privacy violations? Outsourcing your shredding needs is the optimal choice for reducing these risks. If you are in Dayton, the Greater Cincinnati area, or Lexington, and would like to discuss document destruction services, give us a call today. We are here to help you implement a ‘Shred-All’ policy and take control of your future security.