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Small business owners are often faced with a heavy workload. The thrill of owning your own business comes with the drawback of having to wear ‘many hats.’

Often times, you are the CEO, the COO, the CFO, the HR department, the account manager, and the front-of-the-house customer service representative! Living into these different roles as a small business owner comes with flexibility, creative control, and overwhelming satisfaction. But, all of the moving parts of a business can be overwhelming. One must have the ability to prioritize and organize in order to not be buried in papers, processes, and administrative tasks.

Legally required business practices and their paper trails can become a hassle; and therefore, requires an extra level of organization. Taxes, permits, insurance policies…important components to operating a business, but nonetheless, they can leave a desk cluttered and a business owner’s mind clouded.

Following some simple and habitual practices can greatly improve your small businesses efficiency and organization.

  1. If a task takes less than 5 minutes…do it RIGHT NOW! Filing a receipt in the correct folder, entering your daily mileage on a spreadsheet, scanning an invoice to add to your e-files, sending a ‘thank-you’ note to a contractor… our days are filled with the ‘small.’ It’s so easy to put these small tasks aside because we know they won’t take long to complete. Unfortunately, the small tasks pile up and the visual evidence is usually a cluttered desk and office. Instead of saving all the small tasks for later (leaving them to be one ‘big task’) quickly asses the situation, and ask yourself ‘will this take me less than 5 minutes?” If the answer is yes… do the task right now!
  2. Clean up your workspace… everything should have a place; even if that place is a pile, it’s a specific pile! Managing your expense receipts, invoices, and other paperwork in a filing system that is easy to access is important. Use a stylish and modern tabletop filing system to keep your papers organized. After your papers are tidy, try to assess your workspace from different ‘levels.’ What does it look like from the ground? Do you have tangled cords all over the floor? What does your workspace look like from someone standing in the doorway? Do they see an attractive plant or decoration, or, do they see a mess?
  3. Plan ahead… as you work to make your small business more organized and efficient, create scheduled time to plan ahead. If you have a social media presence, your campaigns should be mapped out for the entire year. Plan ahead in regards to your taxes; budget quarterly or monthly so that you aren’t stuck with a large tax bill at the end of the fiscal year.

Document Destruction supports the work of small business owners and has flexible plans to fit any sized business. Partnering with Document Destruction is a smart step in creating an efficient and organized business. If you are in Dayton, the Greater Cincinnati area, or Lexington, and would like to discuss, document destruction services, give us a call or Contact US today.