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In our cyber-induced work places, there is a lot of emphasis placed on digital data security. Strong passwords, captchas, security questions, and multiple identification verifications… the list of cyber security measures is endless. As we become increasingly hyper-focused on protecting our private information in the digital world, it is easy to forget the serious security threat that private printed documents pose. Especially to businesses, regardless of size, keeping printed documents can open employees and customers to identity theft crimes and other forms of data breaches. Business owners must remain diligent in their efforts to implement and comply with a ‘shred all’ policy.


According to a 2014 study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, titled “Security of Paper Records & Document Shredding,” some startling facts were uncovered:

  • One-third of businesses do not have a policy for the secure destruction of confidential documents.
  • Among those businesses who say their organization has a policy, more than half (51 percent) say it does not cover the secure destruction of hard drives.
  • While more than half (55 percent) train their employees on the secure disposal of confidential documents, only 38 percent say they are confident that the training helps ensure the secure disposal of confidential documents.
  • The primary reason for using an outside shredding service to destroy and shred confidential information is because respondents believe it more effective than relying on employees to properly shred and/or destroy confidential information. 


This study revealed that there are problems lurking within the policies and practices of businesses. While large corporations have widely adopted best practices in regards to shredding policies, small businesses still lag behind. Small business owners need to know that tossing documents in the recycling bin does not guarantee their security. Unless documents are completely and totally destroyed, your company is at risk. 

It’s alarming to know that 77 percent of those surveyed in the study referenced above, said their companies shred less than half of all documents containing sensitive or confidential information before disposal. The relatively low percentage of shredded paper documents suggests that companies are at risk for data breaches and other identity crimes. 

Regardless of the size of your business, it is time to commit to implementing and complying with a shred policy that reflects industry best practices. Document Destruction is the easiest, most affordable, and most reliable company to help you navigate your paper shredding needs. Servicing Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, and Lexington, Document Destruction has a knowledgeable staff that treats each client individually. Document Destruction knows that each business has unique needs and they take the extra time and effort to tailor their services to meet each client’s needs.