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Both households and businesses have confidential information. The daily operations of any business produces a shocking amount of confidential information that could be used in a harmful way if the wrong hands took hold. Document drafts, price quotes, financial statements, employee records, pay stubs… the list is endless. No matter the perceived seriousness of a document, in the wrong situation, many business papers have the ability to pose a threat to a company or individual.

When a business adopts an all-shred security policy, they are removing the ‘what if’ from the future. Millions of dollars are lost per year to information thieves; whether that be from stolen identities, or commerce crimes such as disgruntled employees misusing company documents. A security plan that is universally adopted by all branches of your company is the only way to ensure that identity thieves, previous employees, or any other individuals looking to do harm, are stopped. 

Federal and State governments have started getting involved to protect individuals from information misuse. The burden does often fall to businesses both big and small, but the burden is necessary and worth changing old policies. Laws such as HIPAA have forced companies to reevaluate their security procedures. It is important that business owners and individuals know and understand the laws that govern information security. 

Utilizing a mobile shred company, such as Document Destruction, is not only the safest solution, it is the most economic solution. Paying an employee to separate, sort, remove staples, sort card stock, and ultimately stand over a small shredder to dispose of documents could take hours. Hours of paid work in what takes a mobile shredding company minutes. 

It’s time to bring your business and household into 2019 by contacting Document Destruction for all your paper shredding needs. We offer one-time services as well as ongoing shred services; call today to speak to a specialist about your shred needs. Protect your business and protect yourself… cancel all ‘what ifs’ by implementing a secure was to dispose of private information: SHRED!