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Identity theft is a serious crime that affects many Americans every year. When someone uses information about you without your permission, you are a victim of identity theft. Your name, address, credit card numbers, bank account information, Social Security number, and medical insurance account numbers are among the most popular pieces of information stolen from thousands of citizens each year.

While there are many protections offered to customers of banks, insurance providers, and government agencies, mistakes and breaches can still occur. Identity theft can cause harm to your personal life and have long term effects on your finances. Creation of fake credit cards, faulty insurance claims, and other criminal activity takes time and sometimes involves legal fees to erase and solve.

There are many ways a thief can steal personal information; systems ever-evolving to avoid new security measures implemented by companies and the government. Stealing mail or garbage to find account numbers or Social Security information, sending fake e-mails requesting personal information, and stealing account numbers from a business or medical office are some of the most common means of obtaining personal information.

There are many easy ways to protect your identity and personal information as well as be on alert for any unusual activity. Don’t skim or skip over pertinent bills or account statements; spend time looking at the details to ensure there is no unusual activity on your accounts. Be aware of the mail that you receive, and the mail that you don’t receive…if a bill does not arrive, don’t assume it was lost in the system, follow through with checking the account to which it is associated.

Shredding your personal and business documents is one of the best ways you can protect yourself from identity theft. Trusting a professional company, such as Document Destruction, to care for your shredding needs is the highest level of protection you can provide for your family or business. Document Destruction destroys and recycles all documents in a timely and consistent manner that aligns with current best identity protection practices. Call today to speak with a Document Destruction professional to discuss the next best steps to protect your personal and private information.