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Dual computers monitors, a work phone, a personal cell-phone, 3 internet browsers with multiple tabs open, unopened mail, unanswered e-mails, junk mail, work e-mail, personal e-mail, text messages, social media push notifications, piles of files, data entry…the list seems endless. 

All of the, arguably necessary, distractions we have in our daily work-life; some born out of our incessant reliance on technology, others having naturally existed in the business realm since the beginning of modern times. It can all be overwhelming and make one feel helplessly unproductive.

While all businesses and workplace models look different and allow for different levels of autonomy, one can agree that there are some universal truths that promote productivity and efficacy. One’s ability to be organized is arguably the most important universally accepted way to improve productivity in the workplace. It seems that the larger the company or corporation, the more intentional organizational practices are in place, promoting an infrastructure that supports efficiency. Often small businesses fall prey to the numerous distractions and minutiae of business operations, having to compensate for an infrastructure that often does not allow for intentional organization. 

Here are some simple and helpful reminders to keep you from grinding your gears and falling victim to disorganized chaos.

Multi-Tasking Misnomer: Some hail the ability to multitask a super-human skill that has the ability to elevate anyone to a level of stardom in the office, but multitasking actually cuts your productivity. If you focus on one task at a time, it is said that each task will actually take less time to complete. It’s likely that your stress levels will drop as well! One thing at a time is the way to go!

Write it down: Google calendar, electronic task sheets, old-school paper and pen… find a system that works for your pace and preferences and stick with it! Physically writing your day out, both appointments and tasks, helps you manage your time better as well as prioritize your tasks. Whether it be Friday afternoon, or Sunday evening… find a dedicated time to intentionally review your calendar and task list for the following or upcoming work week; preparing your mental calendar and task sheet for the week ahead.

You have to stop: The guilt of taking breaks throughout the day has to go– taking breaks is essential for our minds and bodies to recharge, refocus, and re-energize. An hour-long mid-day yoga masterclass isn’t necessary… just getting up from your workspace, using the restroom, getting a drink of water, taking a lap around the office, and returning to your desk is all you might need! Don’t skip lunch… not only does the food nourish your productivity, the mental break it provides is essential!

Guide your gadgets: Our phones and computers were created to help us, not hinder us, right? It seems that the built-in notifications and features can sometimes have the opposite effect. Push notifications, dings, rings, and automated updates can create unintentional distractions that really add up during the day. Be intentional about the notification settings on your devices, being aware of the toll they take on your productivity.  

There is no perfect formula for optimizing your organization and in the end, your workplace productivity. If you feel stuck in a productivity rut, it might be time to make a drastic change, either in your workplace set up, your schedule, or your personal life. Being intentional about organization and mindful of how your workplace affects your ability to be organized is the first step!

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