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There’s no question that document destruction is vital to any company’s security. Anything you don’t want outsiders to get their hands on needs to be destroyed, not simply recycled, including trade secrets, customer lists, price lists, employee records and records required by federal law.

Using a personal paper shredder is preferred over simply recycling or disposing of paperwork and records left in tact, but there are some really good reasons to use Document Destruction as an added security measure.

For one thing, you need to carefully consider who you task with shredding important documents and how you handle managing their oversight. If the employee you have assigned to shred your documents becomes disgruntled and decides to address his dissatisfaction by holding back secure documents, a lot of trouble could ensue.

The many advantages of having Document Destruction handle your shredding needs include:

We shred your documents onsite, in your presence.

We are NAID certified and accredited for document shredding. We’re audited annually to ensure that all employees are uniformed, bonded, have an ID badge, drug tested, background checked, and fully trained in security measures.

We have professional liability coverage to protect your company from unauthorized access to sensitive documents, intentional acts by Document Destruction employees, identity theft stemming from our work, and violations of privacy.

We have never had a security breach of any kind in the more than 12 years we’ve been in business.

If you’re not convinced yet, give us a call. We’ll help you discover the reasons why hiring Document Destruction to handle your company’s shredding services is a smart move.