Document Destruction Readiness Pro powered by CSR Privacy Solutions

Document Destruction’s Readiness Pro powered by CSR Privacy Solutions helps prepare your business to prevent loss of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and ensure there is a plan to follow if a data breach happens at your organization. It’s almost impossible to completely avoid a breach. Proactive detection and correction can go a long way to prevent loss and further fallout due to reputation damage, lost sales, fines, lawsuits and prosecution.

Why should your company use Document Destruction Readiness Pro powered by CSR Privacy Solutions?

State, federal and international laws require businesses to protect the PII of employees, vendors and customers. Penalties for noncompliance can include fines, prosecution and even jail time. Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa are three examples of many jurisdictions that require businesses that deal with their residents to maintain comprehensive risk assessment, remediation and monitoring programs related to their handling of legally protected PII.

How does it work?

Document Destruction’s Readiness Pro powered by CSR Privacy Solutions Risk Assessment Program is an online self-assessment tool that helps you review, revise and revisit your business processes for handling the personally identifiable information (PII) of your customers, employees and vendors, as required by a host of legislation and regulations.

What do you get?

For only $23.95 per month your company will have full access to CSR’s certified information privacy professionals (CIPP’s) in the event of a breach resulting in an actual or suspected loss of data.

And because a data breach of any size can be scary, we are happy to let you know that these certified and trained advisors are standing by 24 x 7 to respond to you.  Based on the information you provide, this service analyzes your security event against a complex multi variate analytical tree and fully reports, as required, to all Federal, State and local authorities as well as many foreign regulatory authorities in the EU, Canada, Australia and beyond.  This Service will provide written analysis of all events whether reported or not.

In addition, Document Destruction’s Readiness Pro powered by CSR Privacy Solutions also includes a data privacy self-assessment tool that will help you get your current data privacy policies & procedures up to date, a list of best practices for your company to implement, and an online library of resources created to help you avoid a data breach.

How to get started? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

    1.  Register your business at documentdestruction.csrreadiness.com.
    3. Next, take the self-assessment to detect the location of all data your organization retains and determine how you acquire, access, handle, transmit, store, and destroy PI.
    5. Implement Readiness Recommendations from your self-assessment, and display your Seal of Completion.
Watch the following videos to see Document Destruction’s Readiness Pro powered by CSR Privacy Solutions in action!

* How do I Opt Out?  Just fill in the info and we will take care of the rest.

I have received and read the company's notice. I hereby instruct the business to not disclose my information as described in the notice. The decision to opt out applies to all information I have on file with the company.
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