Is it true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? That statement rings true when documents containing private data or personal information are thrown away improperly. Identities can be compromised online and in plain paper documents containing critical information. That highlights the significance of exercising the utmost caution when discarding paper documents holding private information. Shredding is a standard method for getting rid of old confidential documents since it is rapid, secure, and cheap. Shredding confidential data and private corporate documents is as essential for security as having an internet firewall. Companies may do the operation themselves, but many now contract with third-party, certified shredding companies. The time and money savings and compliance assurance provided by professional shredding services are invaluable to businesses. Some reasons you should hire a shredder company are as follows.

Legal requirements

Important privacy rules like HIPAA and FACTA require all businesses to take precautions to protect private client information, no matter how big or small. Old corporate documents containing private information must be securely destroyed before disposal. You’re not protecting your company or your customers by tossing them in the trash or recycling bin, and if word gets out that your company isn’t practicing safe disposal, you might face legal repercussions.

A man signing papers.
Be careful about how you dispose of confidential documents,

 Maintain a paper trail

Whether the sensitive waste is shredded on-site or off-site, a certificate attesting to its destruction will be issued. Suppose your company incorporates an audit trail of this kind. In that case, it demonstrates that it takes the protection of the personal information of its employees and customers very seriously and adheres to stringent standards to secure sensitive data. It’s also possible to use it as evidence that a corporation complies with the Data Protection Act and the GDPR.

 Expenses relating to employees

Especially when doing something for pay, time is money. An office shredder requires a dedicated staff member to operate and feed paper into it. The theft of funds occurs because the person assigned to this task is taken away from other tasks that may need more remarkable skill and expertise.

If you have several hundred pounds of paper to shred, it will take at least two hours for that individual to use most industrial-grade office shredders to do the task. When you include in their hourly cost the time they spend shredding and the money you lose because they aren’t getting other work done, Operating a shredding service in-house may rapidly become prohibitively expensive.

If you’re already spending money on a shredding service, you may let the professionals handle the work for you so that your staff can concentrate on what they do best. Since maintaining an office shredder is a significant time commitment, we found that using a professional shredding service was more cost-effective.

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It’s more productive for your employees to hire a shredder company.

Much more is destroyed than just paperwork

Keep in mind that a standard office shredder can only shred paper. However, more advanced, secure document shredding equipment may be able to destroy more than just paper. Modern, secure document-shredding machines can also destroy data from flash drives, textiles, mobile phones, and hard disks. These machines are convenient since they can safely shred documents. They can shred without requiring the removal of any extraneous materials like folders, binders, paperclips, or staples. Time and effort are saved using modern machine shredders employed by professional, secure document shredding services.

Cost-effective and space-saving storage

Hiring a shredder company is less expensive than investing in, maintaining, and repairing your shredder. Regular disassembly and cleaning of shredding equipment are essential for efficient and effective use.

Furthermore, the cost of archiving these records might eat into your monthly budget. According to professionals from Next Stop Movers, shredding obsolete or unwanted paperwork may help a business save money and make better use of storage space. That’s another excellent reason to hire a shredder company.

Safeguards all sensitive information

All businesses must keep their customers’ personal information safe, no matter how big or small. That also includes instructions for doing away with it. You may rest easy knowing that your information and the company’s sensitive documents are secured with a document shredding service. Concerns with GDPR are only part of the picture; overall business safety is at stake. Document shredding services can shred sensitive materials off-site at a secure facility. Your business might greatly benefit from having its documents securely shredded off-site, where there’s less risk of loss or theft and less potential for disruption to daily operations. All you have to do is arrange for everyone to get to a safe document shredding facility. After that, leave the certification to the experts there.

Dampening the world’s carbon footprint

The improper disposal of paper is a significant contributor to environmental degradation. If your business keeps records on paper, it is essential to dispose of old files in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. One option is to use a shredder. However, simply discarding or destroying unnecessary paperwork is not adequate. If your company is committed to sustainability, it may be a good idea to hire a shredder company that recycles paper rather than sending it to the landfill.

Smoke coming out of a building.
Help the environment by recycling paper.

Maintains reputation

A good name for your business is crucial. Many customers have faith in the integrity of the businesses they’ve given access to their data. Unfortunately, it’s not always like that. Potentially damaging to a company’s reputation for years to come, a data breach can cost the business dearly. DIY shredding methods are risky, but hiring a reliable shredding company to handle the process ensures that your customer data is securely destroyed.

In conclusion

Whatever your company’s paper shredding needs, your only option is probably to hire a shredder company. Scheduling regular shredding sessions as part of your document management processes or making an appointment for a one-time shredding service are good ways to ensure the security of sensitive material.

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